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multiple alarm logs

multiple alarm logs



Intelligent alarm management with real-time tracking, evacuation plans and automatic emergency call routing (SMS, E-Mail, etc).

Technical Data


local Dedicated server installation, accessible with any desktop or mobile browser (HTTPS)
mobil Cloud-based access with any mobile browser (HTTPS)


Control center Setup and maintenance of clients and user profiles
Infrastructure configuration Setup and maintenance of operational environments for alert tracking
Alarm configuration Setup and maintenance of individual alarm types


Localization Real-time tracking of mobile emergency devices after an alert has been triggered
Rescue plans Provision of emergency protocolls and escape route information
User profile Provision of personal information and medical profile to rescue personnel


Emergency alarm log Logs all incoming emergency calls in chronological order
Technical alert log Logs all incoming technical alerts in chronological order
Alarm log Logging of all alarm incidents
Log export All logs can be downloaded and saved as PDF